April 13

Group progress tutorial with Laoura and Alaistair:
After speaking with the tutors I find the main thing I have to focus on making my design more spatial by either representing it through drawing in a spatial way or show how it plugs into a larger space and the life of the user. As well, Alaistair encouraged me to look at how this design will have an impact of neighbours and the entire community, (as social housing usually tends to group together in certain areas), by using data from other precedents like Cuba and extrapolating into the future to show how a certain area of London can be 'taken over' by this urban farming typology over time. 

For example, Alaistair suggested I draw in plan view, an apartment in a tower block or council estate, and through the plan view, show my intervention and the interaction of the person living in the apartment with it. In the mornings, they would go to the window and get their salad leaves for breakfast, in the evenings they would harvest vegetables and water their plants, and so on. As well, with the greenhouse plug in, I could do an axonometric drawing to show how the old façade of the building would be removed and replaced with my design, similar to the drawings of a precedent by Lacaton and Vassal.

I was also encouraged by Laoura to start making, even if it is just in sketch models, to help me work out some of design problems. 

April 15

Today I spent most of the day designing my final model. I intended to start and have this model finished before I leave for my interview in Canada but I don't think that is going to happen. I value that we just have to start making but it is difficult for me to just start if I don't know where I'm going with it. I looked at a lot of precedents on Pinterest and initially I started with a design of a model that focused mainly on the façade view of the building. But the more I designed the more I felt that this model was very 'flat' and uninteresting. I tried to add interest by adding different materials for aesthetic but I found this to be redundant because it doesn't actually communicate anything about the design. It just looks good.

Afterwards, I spoke with Fadi and Laoura about this problem and Fadi suggested I turn my elevation model into a section of the building from the side. That way, I can see the space where a user would interact with the design as well as the design itself. It also allows room for a scale figure and it gives some context for the actual building. I like this idea because it is much more dynamic.
As well, we talked about material choice. At first I was going to go with polyboard which is essentially a nicer version of foamboard but after speaking with Fadi, he recommended I try mount board because it will be much easier to get cleaner cuts, especially if I intend to cut windows and doors. As well, the mount board is lighter but it still stands up. Both will require a base but that won't be too difficult. 

April 16

For the first half of the day, I was feeling a bit feverish so I took an easy and spent most of my time working in my sketchbook.

In the afternoon, I started my final model on mount board after finalizing to an extent the design. A classmate of mine came across a precedent for the style of model I was aiming for which really helped me. Initially I was very worried about how clean and professional this model would look but the precedent helped to clear that up. 

I also took a look at the precedent that Fadi mentioned yesterday: Adelaide Wharf by AHMM. Their design of the balconies is very interesting and it ties back with my initial scaffolding-like concept model. I've incorporated parts of their design into mine to make it more modular and to create a common rail for the sliding windows. 


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